Fire Survivor and Resident Feline

Toast was born in the fall of 2022.  There was an abandoned warehouse in the Greeville area that caught fire.  The firefighters diligently extinguished the fire and were still present at the site, when this scrawny little kitten came running out of the building, literally across the hot coals.  The firefighters got her to safety at a local ER, whom then contacted our rescue friends, Boxer Butts and Other Mutts.  

The kitten had badly burned pads on all four feet, a burnt ear, and a few other smaller burns.  She had to be sedated several times for wound care.  It was during this time of wound care, over a weekend, in which Dr. Shoemake's kids had to be her assistants, that the family fell head over heels for the kitten.  

Toast (full name Toaster Strudel) became an instant princess and rules the Shoemake house.  She travels to work with Dr. Shoemake everyday, so lookout for her, you might just see her during her next visit!