What should I consider when boarding my dog?

When boarding your dog, absolutely go check out the facility first. You want to make sure that it's clean and hygienic. I really like the dogs to be able to have a place to run outside, not just an interior astroturf area. Also make sure they separate the dogs out by size. That's really important. Do they have various things like a pool for them to swim in? How much exercise do they get during the day? Do they have video cameras that are accessible? Also, what kind of vaccinations and spay/neutering status do they require? We want to make sure that your dog is going to the healthiest place possible.

Adele Hilliard
Haywood Road Animal Hospital

What are the different dog boarding options offered at Hayward Road Animal Hospital?

We don't offer any boarding, but we do have some great places that are close to us. Pet Suites is one place that a lot of my technicians use. There is Camp Bow Wow just down the road and there are multiple other places around here. So if you have any questions about specific places, let us know and we can give you recommendations.

Will my dog get active and social time while boarding?

They should, so it's something you need to ask about. Ideally, the boarding facility would do an interview with your dog where they go for say half a day and they make sure that it's a good fit. During the day they should be outside the majority of the time playing with their friends and interacting. It's very similar to toddler daycare. Obviously, make sure they're also having time to relax, but overall they should be getting lots of stimulation and socialization there.

What specific questions should I ask at the dog boarding facility?

What vaccines do they require? Do they require them to be spayed or neutered? Do they separate them by size? When are people there? Do they have someone there overnight? If not, when is the last time that they're let out versus the first in the morning? Do they give needed medications? If so, is there additional cost for that? All these things are really important to know.

What do the dog boarding facilities need to know about my dog?

Most likely, there's the medical part and there's the behavioral part. So again, vaccine history, spay and neuter status, and if they have any specific illnesses like diabetes, for example, or GI issues where they get sensitive and stressed out. Maybe they have an upset tummy or maybe they have arthritis, for example, and they only need to have a limited amount of time outside. Also from a behavioral aspect. If your dog has a history of maybe not getting along with other dogs or only getting along with dogs of a certain size, that would be really important for them to know.

What do veterinarians generally recommend for safe dog boarding?

You want to make sure that they're being monitored all the time. I would definitely make sure there's video recordings so that if something does happen we can look back and see. Ensure they're putting your dog with other dogs of appropriate sizes, and that those medical questions about vaccines and things like that are answered.

What should I bring and how do I prepare when boarding my dog?

Bring your vaccine history. They may also want a rabies certificate, which should be with your vaccine history. They shouldn't need a spay and neuter certificate. They can usually tell most of the time based on the vet records. If they are on any medications, you should bring that along.

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Dog Boarding - FAQs

Adele Hilliard
Haywood Road Animal Hospital

What questions should I ask when boarding my dog?

When you're boarding your dog, you definitely want to make sure that they require certain vaccinations such as the distemper-parvo, rabies, and Bordetella. I also recommend places that offer or require the flu vaccine and ideally, the lepto vaccine. These are all things that can be passed on quite easily. We also want to ensure that they separate neutered dogs from those that are still intact. As intact dogs get older, they can become aggressive, so it's good to know.

What is the difference between doggy daycare and a dog boarding facility?

Doggy daycare is similar to a typical child's daycare. You drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the evening. The major difference with boarding is that the dogs can stay there overnight. The majority of boarding facilities offer doggy daycare. I don't know many places that just offer daycare.

What is my dog's day like when they are boarded?

It's something to ask about because it is different for each pet. Typically, they'll get to spend about six to eight hours outside, usually with dogs of their same size. A lot of times, they'll get to play in water. They usually have some downtime during the day and then they would be by themselves overnight in their own kennel.

How do I know if a dog boarding facility is reputable?

Definitely come to us or your local veterinarian for recommendations. Also, look at online reviews on Google. You want to ensure that they require the medical precautions we discussed, separate dogs by the right size, have video cameras for monitoring, and have an emergency plan. If something happens while they're there, they should have a veterinarian that's accessible if the dog gets hurt.

If you still have other questions and you'd like to reach out to us, you can call us directly at (864) 288-7472, or you can email us at [email protected]. But please do reach out, and we'll get back to you as fast as we can. Don't forget to follow us on social media Facebook, Instagram