Dr. Adele Hilliard

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Adele Hilliard originally hails from ‘across the pond’ in Leicestershire, England. She moved to South Carolina at the age of 11 and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences from Clemson University. After completing her undergraduate studies Dr. Hilliard received her veterinary degree from the University of Georgia in 2014. Prior to, and during her time at Clemson and Georgia, Dr. Hilliard was highly involved in shelter medicine (both in the United States and England). She spent numerous hours at various adoption agencies working closely with animals and educating the public, in addition to coordinating all Shelter Medicine Surgery Activities with the veterinary students at Georgia. In addition to shelter medicine, Dr. Hilliard pursued other interests including preventative medicine, nutrition and behavior, and was involved in many organizations such as Vets for Pets and People (an organization aiding abused women) and Christian Veterinary Fellowship.

After graduation, Dr. Hilliard moved out west, and worked in both Wyoming and Colorado, serving the surrounding communities with both general and low cost veterinary medicine. In 2016, after the birth of their first daughter, Dr. Hilliard and her family moved back to Greenville to be closer to family.

Although Dr. Hilliard loves many components of veterinary medicine, one of her favorite aspects is talking to the public and helping to educate them about their pets. She highly values her one on one interaction with clients. She is also extremely interested in behavior and helping dogs and cats to be at their happiest in their homes. She is fear free certified and strives to provide a stress free environment for all of her patients.

Dr. Hilliard is extremely blessed to have an amazing husband, Austin, and two wonderful daughters, Adelaide and Avalene. The family has a crazy goofball one-eyed dog named Koda, who likes “helping” around the house; he especially loves to keep the clean clothes warm by lying on top of them. The Hilliards spend much of their time running around after their two girls and Mr. Koda, in addition to exploring the nearby mountains, searching for forest and mountain trolls. In addition, Dr. Hilliard and her family love travelling and aim to get back to England every year. Dr. Hilliard also greatly enjoys baking, interior design, and trying new cuisines.